What is Spock?
Spock is leave management application for Slack. You can request leave, vacation, sickday directly in Slack. Calendar, reports and advanced settings you can access via web. You can set up up to 10 different leave types. For each leave type you can set your name, yearly allowance or approval requirement.

You can divide workspace members into teams (can represent departments, offices or projects). Teams have team managers who approve leave requests and manage team. Spock generates monthly and yearly reports you can download and open in spreadsheet app.
How can I install Spock?
  1. Just press blue button on this page Add Spock to Slack.
  2. Review permissions and press Allow button to install Spock for your workspace.
  3. Spock will guide you through onboarding process where you can customize it according your needs.
I cannot find Spock in Slack, where it is?
  • You can find Spock in left bar, in section called Apps
  • It it's not there, click plus icon and type Spock in search bar.
  • Select Spock and open Home tab.
How do I login to dashboard?
In Slack :
  1. Select Spock in Apps bar
  2. Press Dashboard & Settings
  3. On login screen press Sign in with Slack button.
  4. Select your workspace in top-right corner.
  5. Press Allow button add login via Slack.
Can I invite Spock to public or private channel?
No. Spock communicates only via direct messages.
Leave requests
How can I request a leave?
In Slack :
  1. Open Spock Home.
  2. Press + Request Leave and enter leave data.
On Web:
  1. Open app.
  2. Press Request leave button in top right corner.
  3. Enter leave data.
How do I delete leave request?
In Slack :
  1. Open Spock Home.
  2. Press My leaves
  3. Select leave request and press Delete and confirm.
On Web:
  1. Go to My leaves
  2. There are all leave requests for selected year. By each there is button Delete
Does Spock support leave request approval?
Yes. You can set leave type to require approval.
On Web:
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Leave types
  3. Select leave type and set Approval required to Yes and save.
How Spock choose who will approve my leave request?
  • If your are member of a team, Spock will ask Team managers to approve request. If team has no team manager, Spock asks General Managers.
  • If you are not member of any team, Spock will ask General Managers to approve request.
  • If there are no General Managers selected, Spock will ask members who has owner or administrative rights in Slack.
Can I set my own leave types?
Yes. On Web:
  • Go to Settings - Leave types
  • There is a list of all available leave types.
  • You can activate and customize each by setting name, required approval and yearly allowance.
How can I change allowance for a specific user?
On Web:
  1. Go to Settings - Alowances
  2. There is a list of users, choose user and press Change
  3. Edit allowances for selected year and save it.
Calendar, Notifications
I want to see who is on leave on my phone or laptop calendar. Is it possible?
  • Open Spock Home.
  • Press Subscribe Calendar
  • Spock will generate link which add leaves to your Calendar app. You can rename calendar to your need.
  • On web, go to your team or company calendar. There is a button Subscribe Calendar to add leaves to your Calendar app.
How notifications works?
Scheduled notifications:
  • Every morning at 9am, Spock sends to every member morning report.
  • Morning report consists all leaves for that day for your team(s) or whole workspace, if you are not member of any team.

Instant notifications are sent:
  • New Leave was registered, info for managers
    to all General Managers or Team Managers when leave was requested and it does not need approval.
  • Request for Approval
    to all General Managers or Team Managers to approve or reject request.
  • New Leave was registered, info for coworkers
    to all coworkers (team members or workspace members) when leave was requested on same day (on today).
Why Teams?
It allows divide all workspace members into smaller teams (groups). Team can represent department, office location or project. Members within team are notificated about each other leaves.
Each team have one or more Team Managers. Team Managers approve leave requests and manage team members.
How can I create teams?
On Web:
  1. Go to Settings - Teams
  2. Create one or teams and press Next
  3. Assign members to teams and choose their roles.
Administrator role is required.
How do I join/leave team?
On Web if you are Team Manager or General Manager:
  1. Go to Teams and select team.
  2. Go to Members
  3. Press Add New Members and select members to add new members.
  4. Press Remove Members and select members to remove members.
How can I add/remove users from Spock?
On Web:
  1. Go to Settings - Users
  2. Check or uncheck user in Use Spock column and then press Save
Administrator role is required.
How can I add/remove General Manager or Administrator role?
On Web:
  1. Go to Settings - Users
  2. Check or uncheck user in General Manager or Administrator column and then press Save
Administrator role is required.
Is it possible to import leave requests from other systems?
Unfortunately not. We do not support data import now.
How do I set holidays?
On Web for whole team:
  1. Go to Settings - Holidays
  2. Select holidays country and press Save

In Slack Messages tab, you can set holiday country just for you:
  1. Type holidays
  2. Select holidays country from dropdown.
Which countries are supported for holidays?
Argentina, Aruba, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Isle Of Man, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States and Wales