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Spock brings simplicity and transparency into your team's leave tracking.

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Look after your time

Whenever your team creates a new product or service, their time working on it determines its success. We believe it's essential to take good care of how you use this time, so we developed a reliable system to help you do that in Slack.

Absence Management Manage your team
Absence Management ease of use

Say goodbye to spreadsheets

Tired of using outdated tools like spreadsheets? Replace them with Spock in a matter of minutes and enjoy a comfortable, user-friendly experience that lets you track attendance with ease.

Always know what's happening

Our app offers users a broader perspective to help them stay informed and organized at all times. Wake up to new updates from your team every weekday and find out what makes them tick through Spock.

Slack Leave Management Oversight
Slack Absence Management Transparency and Trust

Bring transparency and trust to your team

We built Spock because we firmly believe in bringing clarity, transparency and trust into leave management. These essential qualities are the foundation that will help your company grow and prosper.

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