Spock is leave management
for Slack

Are you team and you have problem with managing vacations?

Spock is Slack app to manage your team's vacations and other leaves.

Add it to Slack and everyone in your team is ready to use it immediatelly, without registration or setup.

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Clean up the mess about leaves

Leaves and home office are often a mess that can weaken the team spirit. A simple app in your Slack can clean it up and renew a smooth flow in your team.

Everybody knows who is missing

„Does anyone know where Jason is?“ No more questions like this. Spock will let you know everyday in the morning.

Just a click
to go

Sometimes we need to have a bigger picture enabling us to see the leaves statistics of the past or future. Spock has both calendar and charts. Whenever you need it, just click.

How it works

Register your leave in Slack.

Team Calendar in our App.

Team yearly report.


Monthly Plan


  • Leave management
  • Yearly allowances
  • Notifications
  • Reporting
  • Calendar Subscription
Add Spock to Slack

Try it free.
No credit card required.

*Service is in evaluation period. About pricing plans we will inform clients in advance.