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Leave Policy

Leave Types

Build a custom leave policy and create new leave types unique to your team. There are no limits.
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Give your employees a yearly leave allowance and make rules that define how it’s used.
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Working Days

Define custom working days for your whole company or set things up differently for every user.
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Request Leave

Slack Home Tab

Request leaves with ease directly in Slack—we’ll make it your new HQ for all things leave tracking.

Request on Behalf

Let your managers request time off on behalf of other team members.
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Recurring Leaves

Save time by requesting any recurring leaves (e.g. WFH) in bulk for months in advance.
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Approval Workflow

Approve requests in a single click after configuring approval workflows for your leave types.
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OS Based Approval

Spock automatically uses your existing organizational structure to decide who can approve a leave.

Assign Approver

Customize your workflow by picking specific approvers for each user.


Calendar View

The Spock Dashboard can display calendars showing all upcoming leaves for the entire company or specific teams.

User Profiles

Learn more about users in our ‘user profiles’ section. Use it to change their settings quickly and in one place.


Take control with the Spock Dashboard web app for full customization and detailed options.

Organizational Structure


Set up teams to represent departments, office locations, or projects. Manage leaves differently for each one.
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Spock enables you to configure or hierarchy that reflects your company’s organizational structure.

Slack channel notifications

You can setup Slack channel notifications to keep your team informed.
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Public Holidays

Holiday Calendars

Create separate public holiday calendars for different employees from all over the world.
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Import Holidays

Import public holiday calendars from over 80 countries and regions.
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Assign Calendar

Make things easy for remote workers by assigning them their country’s public holiday calendar.


Unused Leaves Carryover

Let your employees carry any unused leaves over to next year with Spock’s automated carryover.
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Carryover Policies

Choose a carryover policy that works for you—use ‘limited count’ to limit the number of days that people can bring over.

Customize per User

Edit your carryover policy and customize it for individual users through the Spock Dashboard.


Cover shifts

Let your colleagues cover for you while you are absent by selecting a substitute.
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Change substitutes

Substitute can be changed at any time by the leave requestor or manager.


All involved users are immediately notified when any change occurs.

Calendar Integration

Leaves in your Calendar App

Import your company’s Spock leave calendar into the calendar app of your choice in one click.
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Supported Platforms

Enjoy full support for Apple Calendar, Google Suite, iCal, Microsoft Exchange/Outlook and Office 365.

Team Calendars

Export calendars for separate teams to make things easier for managers who need a detailed overview.


Morning Report

Be ready for your workday with Spock’s morning report letting you know which of your colleagues are away.
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Manager Notifying

Stay informed about every event—managers get instant updates about each new leave.

Auto Update

Spock auto-updates all notifications, letting you access the latest status of leave request.

Slack Integration

One Click Install

Install Spock in one click and skip account creation—everyone in your Slack workspace gets added automatically.
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Instant Synchronization

Spock synchronizes with Slack instantly—if you add a new user to your workspace, they’ll instantly have access to Spock.

Home Tab Interface

There’s no need to onboard teams with Spock. Our friendly UI in the Slack home tab is simple and easy to use.



Generate the weekly, monthly and yearly attendance reports your HR managers need.
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Data Export

Managers can export reports for use in other systems for easy interoperability.

CSV Export

You can view the exported reports in your favorite spreadsheet app, whether that’s Google Sheets, Excel or Numbers.

Privacy & Security

Access Control

Protect privacy by setting up what info regular users can access or stop them from accessing the dashboard altogether.


Spock lets you configure roles that give users different privileges—the default ones are Admin and HR Manager.

Activity Log

We record all changes in the activity log, so you’ll know who changed what and when they did it.

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